iPhone 12 leak spills key features — and some uncertainties

iPhone 12 leak spills key features — and some uncertainties

Apple leaker Jon Prosser has given us a look at what is claimed to be an iPhone 12 prototype, and it gives us an interesting insight into what the next iPhone might bring to the table.

Prosser has a great track record, so it’s safe to say that this prototype is genuine, but prototypes are subject to change, so it’s possible that things might change between now and release, and that some things present in the prototype don’t make the cut.

So, what does Prosser’s prototype show us?

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First, that notch is still there. And it looks to be the same size.

There are also some interesting camera features, ranging from LiDAR support (which would improve features such as Portrait Mode by allowing better depth data), to 240 FPS slo-mo recording at 4K.

Also, 120Hz displays are in… but only on some prototypes. Will this feature make it? Will it be confined to some higher-end iPhone 12 Pro Max? Or is Apple testing the water here? We’ll have to sait and see.

Prosser has a video showing some of this in action, but do bear in mind that as is typical in these sort of leak videos, the qualiuty is less 4K and more what you get from a UFO or Bigfoot sighting.

How accurate is all this? What features make it, and which are cut? We’ll have to wait for the launch, expected this fall.

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